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Where can I see how Google ranks my site in the USA?

Just a very quick tip we think is worth sharing.

When you’re outside of the USA and you go to, quite often you’ll find that you’re redirected to one of Google’s country specific sites. This presents a problem for web masters. If we’re outside of the 50 states how can we tell where our site is ranking in the worlds biggest economy?

Well thankfully the answer is really simple. All you need to do is use this address for Google:

This will always take you to the US version and you can see where your site is ranking for specific keywords as if you were sitting in the USA.

Book recommendation: The Lean Startup

lean startupMany of us are quite familiar with the concept of testing ideas. Not sure which Buy Now page design will work better? Use an AB test and find out. Not sure if a feature of your site is clear and easy to use? Get some users in front of it and watch how they use it.

Services like  Google Web Optimizer Google Analytics experiments make this so simple it seems crazy not to test any idea with real people and get real figures on what works and what doesn’t.

This is the type of thinking encouraged by The Lean Startup, an influential new book by Eric Ries. He systematically dismantles the reasons for using what he calls “vanity metrics”, e.g. How many new visitors your site is getting per month. The reason he doesn’t like this type of thinking? Because if you’re making changes to your site it’s way to easy to imagine the changes you’re making are the reason for the increase in visitors. In fact this may be due to word of mouth and your graphs would keep going up even if you did nothing.

It may appear that this book is for hardened software developers and their CEO’s, not for web designers and site owners but we’d argue there’s a lot to be learned here for both camps. A web site is a big interactive thing and site owners can easily fall into business traps just like software developers.

Now a word of warning: In our opinion the book became a little repetitive, but even if you only read the first few chapters it could get your brain buzzing and soon enough you may find your thinking completely rewired and your way of viewing your work could be greatly enhanced. You can get the book here.