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Sharing reports with customers

feeltheloveI’d like to tell you a little about what we’re working on right now. In the past we’ve had quite a few requests from web consultants who’d like to be able to share exported reports from DeepTrawl with their own branding attached.

That’s been a priority for CloudTrawl from the¬†beginning. If you’re a consultant working in web design we think CloudTrawl is exactly the kind of thing you’ll want to use and share with your clients, because:

– CloudTrawl proves the site you’ve created is consistently available & functioning well
– It allows both them and you to rest easy knowing if there’s a problem you’ll be alerted
– CloudTrawl is an awesome value-add service you can provide & shows you care about their site

So how are we going to make this work? Perhaps by allowing you to export a PDF containing a report and manually email it to your client? Nope, that’s so last century.

Surely the best way would be to allow them to log into CloudTrawl directly, see reports themselves and optionally allow them to change settings so they can get alerts for things link downtime and broken links.

That’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re implementing a feature called site sharing. Your CloudTrawl account could contain perhaps 10’s or 100’s of sites, all being constantly monitored. You can choose to share any one of these with anyone. If they don’t already ¬†have a CloudTrawl account we’ll automatically send them an email inviting them to create one for free, they’ll then be able to see and interact with the reports and settings you’ve shared with them.

As an added bonus when that user logs in they’ll see your branding.

That’s some serious added value for your clients. For a low monthly fee you’ll be able to add all the sites under your care, share their reports with your customers and prove you care about their site. Feel the love!