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Last bug is fixed!

This is a real development milestone. All of the code for CloudTrawl v1 has been written for a while and we’ve been focused entirely on testing. Our testing has included a lot of steps:

1. Automated testing; we now have a massive suite of automated tests which can be run at the click of a button

2. Functional testing; making sure every feature works as described and they all hang together well

3. Cross browser testing; making sure the interface works across browsers and operating systems

4. Scale; running up hundreds or thousands of uptime checks and hundreds of link & image checks simultaneously to make sure the system performs well with lots of people using it (if I can think of a way to make this not boring it deserves a blog post all of it’s own).

5. Third party testing; we got the guys over at TestLab² to do a barrage of tests to make sure we hadn’t missed anything.

And then this evening it finally happened… the last known bug was fixed. So “OMG”, it’s so nearly time to open the champagne hit the release button. Watch this space!

Will crawling affect your Google Analytics?

This is a question we’ve been asked a few times. Many users want to know if the hits generated when their pages are checked for broken links will show up in Analytics. The answer for both CloudTrawl and DeepTrawl is no, it won’t be a problem. For reasons I’ve written about previously, both products don’t execute the Javascript on your pages. Since Google Analytics relies on Javascript to count page views it has no way of knowing that we’ve visited a page, so this won’t show up.

As a side note, in the next version of DeepTrawl we’re planning to implement a way to make sure all of your pages contain analytics tracking code, until then it’s relatively easy to do this check yourself using DeepTrawls ability to add your own new checks.