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mTrawl – A free gift for the web community

For a number of years the landscape free website checkers hasn’t really moved forward that much. Since the introduction of xenu’s link sleuth it seems like everyone said game over and stopped trying with free link checkers and other quality tools.

We don’t want that to be the case. Our tools, frankly, aren’t for everyone (yes, I really did just type that). If you’re a professional web developer working on many sites or the owner of quite a large site then DeepTrawl and CloudTrawl make complete sense. You need pro-tools, because you’re time is very valuable. But, if you’re an ametuer web developer, or a pro in the making then you may simply not have the cash to splash out on something commercial. You may want something free. That doesn’t mean the tool you use should be slow, unpolished, or lacking in essential features.

This is why we’ve created mTrawl. It’s based on DeepTrawl, just with less features. It’s aimed squarely at those who need something to check their website works right, but can’t justify spending money on a product or service.


So what does mTrawl do? Check it out:

It’s a link checker

Install it on your PC or Mac & click start. mTrawl rips through every page page of your site (yes, every page, there are no limits) & finds the broken links. It shows every broken link on every page in a really easy to read report. It even gives you the line number where the broken links were found.

It’s a validator

This is where mTrawl really excels. If you just want a free link checker there are many options. None were aware of also validate your html. While mTrawl is checking each page for broken links it’s also validating every page, just like the W3C validator does. Why would you want this? Well, validation is really, really important. It checks your code is correct, i.e. complaint with a standard (either html 5, xhtml or 4.01). If you have errors in your code that could damage your seo or mean your site doesn’t render correctly in different browsers.

It’s really very, very polished

It’s may have way less features than it’s sister, DeepTrawl but it’s just as polished. Just because it’s a free product doesn’t mean it should look bad, crash, only work with some older operating systems, or generally just annoy you with little niggles. All we know about producing a successful commercial product also went into mTrawl, so you’ll feel good using it. Of course we hope that one day you’ll love it enough to move over to one of our pro products. Until then, happy trawling!

You can download mTrawl, here.