OMG; We’ve Launched!

It’s a proud day over at; we just launched the full live service!

We’d loved it if you sign up for the free trial and we’re all ears for new feature requests & suggestions.

So, what made it into the first version? CloudTrawl is designed to watch out for stuff that goes wrong on it’s own, even if you don’t change your site. So for the first version we have:

Link Checking (we check every page of your site, daily or weekly)

Uptime Minotoring (we check your site is online every 30 seconds / 24×7)

We also have features like complete history charting, the ability to share site reports and settings with colleagues & customers, very cool looking real time views for uptime checks, the ability to “Start Now” for link checks, image validation and a lot more.

Even this tidy set of features is really just the tip of the iceberg of what’s planned for CloudTrawl. The ultimate goal: monitor absolutely everything that could go wrong with your site on it’s own; over time we’ll be adding more checks and we’d love for you to tell us what extra features and checks you think CloudTrawl should have.

Happy Trawling!

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